Konami reveals Tokyo Game Show floor map

Tokyo Game Show officials may not be ready to show off the show floor, but the folks at Konami don’t seem to care. They’ve put together a pre-TGS page that not only features a pretty cool rotating 3D map of their massive booth, but a full map of the TGS show floor.

Visit that page and click the second button from the left. You’ll get to see the floor map of the major halls, where you can at least make out the major companies’ booths. It may look small, but don’t let this fool you: A walk from, say, Microsoft to Tecmo Koei is a major bitch and a ton of footwork. 

Square Enix, not surprisingly, has the biggest booth. That little rectangle may not look like much, but it’s really like small game-themed cities when you’re there in person. Konami itself is looking to have a major showing. The 3D map shows some games, like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Winning Eleven 2010, but many of the rest of the zones are listed as “coming soon.” Can’t wait to see what those are for.

See those little white boxes on the very bottom. Yeah, those ones that look like dog kennels. One of those janitor’s closet sized rooms is the press room. It’s like sweat shop conditions!

[via AndriaSang]

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