Konami might be done with Konami IDs

Konami IDs might be taking a hike. Speaking with Gamekyo, Konami confirmed Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 wouldn’t use the publisher’s bloated online scheme. In other words, players won’t have to create two different accounts for the pleasure to play the game online. Apparently, Sony and Microsoft will be handling the servers.

While the publisher didn’t say it was all over, we’ll take this as a decent indication that Konami gets it. People are tired of wading through menus, creating passwords with over 40 characters (with punctuation) and having to buy MGO content outside the PlayStation Store. Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network are capable networks. There’s no need to jump through third-party hoops anymore.

This is one of those “wait and see” kind of things, but it’s a great thought: a world without Konami IDs is a good one. Actually, it’s a great one.

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