Kohina: chronicling the bliss of bleeps

If someone told you that you could jam out to C64 tracks while doing your nightly internetting, would you cringe…or perhaps find yourself shaking ass to it while unearthing dusty boxes of Amiga disks from the recesses of your closet? Enter Kohina, a Web site that streams classic 8/16 bit music from arcade, computer and consoles of the past. Selections range from semi familiar to Holy Grail obscure, and you can open a player in your browser and let the site mix it up for you. Another delicious feature of the site is the links page, where you’ll find such gems as ExoticA (the biggest collections of Amiga tunes on the internets) and HVSC (over 15,000 Commodore 64 tracks in one place). Chiptune lovers, be ready to rock. Every time I hear this stuff, I just dissolve into a happy puddle of Maniac Mansion memories.

[Thanks Brandon!] 

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