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Koei Tecmo paying people to f*ck in the name of repopulation


How do you cure Japanese underpopulation? Have loads of sex! How do you make sure people are having sex? If you're Koei Tecmo, you pay your employees thousands of dollars to do it! That's right, the merged company responsible for the Dynasty Warriors and Dead or Alive franchises know all about churning out recycled products, so it's only fitting that they want people to flood the country with endless "sequels" of themselves.

Koei Tecmo employees will get $1,000 for their first child, $2,000 for their second child and a whole $20,000 if their loose and flapping vaginas can squirt out a third. This is actually insane, and if anybody serious considers procreating for $1,000, I would have to question their ability to become an efficient parent. Besides which, isn't this kind of like child prostituion? 

One only hopes that American companies follow KT's example, only in the opposite direction. During these times of recession, it would be great if Walmart could pay its mostly braindead and poor workforce not to f*ck.

[Via Kotaku]

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