Koei has no plans for a Bladestorm followup

Koei has uncharacteristically revealed that, for once, there are NO planned sequels for one of its IPs. Talking to Eurogamer, the Dynasty Warriors publisher stated that no followup to Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War is in the works. Although a sequel may be possible at some point, right now it is not on the cards.

Bladestorm was a unique action/strategy game that saw you take charge of various units on a battlefield and control them as one, conquering bases and beating down enemy officers along the way. The interesting gameplay and untapped Hundred Years’ War setting impressed quite a few review outlets, though not enough to save it from a mediocre Metacritic score. It got a respectable 7.5 in review from yours truly. 

It’s a shame that the game wasn’t more appreciated. It did have a number of problems that a sequel could easily have fixed, and the premise was good enough to support titles ranging across a number of historical wars. Hopefully a sequel will arrive eventually — after all, it’s not like Koei to let an IP die.

James Stephanie Sterling