Killzone series won’t wait for PlayStation 4

I love Killzone 2. It’s still my most played game this year, and even though I’ve gone off it since the recent updates, I still duck in there to kick arse now and then. Luckily, there’s still plenty of Killzone fun to come on the PS3, with Guerrilla confirming that it won’t be waiting for a successor console to appear. 

PlayStation 3 has a very long life ahead still, and we’re certainly not done developing for this platform. We still see enough opportunities to get better and pushing the platform even further,” says senior producer Steven ter Heide. 

Guerrilla couldn’t comment on future projects, but ter Heide does state that the team is looking into new online modes for Killzone 2, which could prove quite interesting indeed. He also adds that there will never be a “true” party system for KZ2 due to the unfortunate way the game is set up. Something to fix in Killzone 3, perchance.

[Source: TheGamerAccess]

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