Killzone 2’s in-game rewards include papercraft chicanery

Many games have pointless collect-a-thons thrown in as some false way of extending replayability, often with little reward outside of an Achievement or Trophy, and sometimes not even that. While Killzone 2 certainly has its own hidden items that don’t really do very much, developer Guerrilla has attempted to make their collection just that little bit more worthwhile.

Helghast Intel is hidden throughout the single player campaign of Killzone 2, and their collection will net you some extra-curricular rewards that give a little more flavor to the experience. Intel will give you special unlockable rewards on, ranging from simple things such as printable propaganda posters, to full PDF files on subjects such as the wildlife of Helghan, or a secret journal of a Helghast soldier.

The most anally retentive explorers, however, will be rewarded with a most time-honored gift — papercraft! Yes, if you truly, truly want to, you can scour every nook and cranny of Killzone 2 in order to download some papercraft cut-outs. That’s … great? Probably?

Hey, it’s better than nothing!

Jim Sterling