Killzone 2 public beta coming, Master Chief is so five minutes ago

Guerilla Games’ lead tester, Seb Downie, has decided to shoot his mouth off on the official Killzone forums about a planned Killzone 2 public beta.

Posting on the forums, Seb Downie (under the alias ‘motherH’) revealed: “Of course there is going to be a public beta. I have always said that any game that has an online mode needs to go through a public beta to ensure it works as intended.”

Downie ends his message by insinuating that more information will be revealed later in the year. Both the original Killzone and the PSP follow-up, Killzone: Liberation, went through public beta testing, so this should come as no surprise.

No information on how or when the beta will be distributed (if even this year). But signing up for Sony’s PlayStation Underground and crossing your fingers that you get invited to the Game Advisory Panel might be a smart idea if you want to get in as early as possible.

[via C&VG]

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