Killzone 2 gun replica: Not as sexy as a chainsaw bayonet, but still pretty hot

I’m going to have to start winding down all these Killzone 2 posts eventually, but if you’re a fan of citrus-eyed space nazis, then you will be interested in this pretty sweet replica Helghast rifle which is being teased on the PlayStation Blog.

It lacks the iconic and memorably ridiculous charm of the Gears of War lancer, but it’s still a snazzy little item. It might be worth a look for those of you who like owning pretend viceogame weapons and running about your house in just your underpants making sound effects with them. In other words, I need to know how to get one of these. 

So far, Guerrilla isn’t shedding any light on how you can get your hands on them, but promised that such arcane knowledge will be coming … soon.

Jim Sterling