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Killer Instinct PC launches today alongside of Season 3


Windows 10 live right now

So long as you're willing to put up with Windows 10, Killer Instinct is available right now on PC as a free download. Microsoft notes that if you're having trouble finding it on the store, you can click the link on this page to go to the listing directly. As a reminder, the game is Cross-Buy and Cross-Play with the Xbox One version. At least the new incarnation of Games for Windows Live has some advantage now.

Season 3 is also out, which brings a new host of updates and characters. Right at launch you can play as Tusk, Arbiter, Rash, and Kim Wu. Mira, Gargos, RAAM, and another character are coming with a monthly cadence.

As a warning, some users are reporting that if you already own the game on Xbox One, that you should sign into that version first to prevent the PC edition from messing with your save. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment on this matter.

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