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Kickstarter for sci-fi platformer Orphan underway

2015-02-11 11:30:00·  2 minute read   ·  Rob Morrow@@DtoidRob

Updated trailer reveals more a bit more of the action

And before I knew it, Windy Hill Studio's attractive-looking action platformer Orphan had jumped from Greenlight approval on Steam to being over halfway through its Kickstarter campaign. So it is sometimes in the games writing business -- take your eyes away for a moment and something just might pass you by.

However, it may just have worked out to be an opportune time to take a look at the game as the team has recently updated its announcement trailer to reflect the more action-oriented aspects of the game that weren't previously on display.

To get us up to speed, Windy Hill is currently standing at $7,149 out of the comparatively modest $32,000 needed to fund the project with only 19 days to go. It's long odds for sure, but you never know with Kickstarter; the studio might just pull this thing off.

As I reported while the game was in the process of Greenlight approval, Orphan is a sci-fi action platformer where you'll play the role of young boy, presumably the only survivor of an overnight alien invasion.

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Visually, the title's been compared to Playdead's Limbo, most likely to Orphan's detriment. However, when one takes a moment to look over the title's description on the Kickstarter page, that's about all the comparison boils down to -- a similarity in visual style.

The developer acknowledges the comparisons to Playdead's title on the Kickstarter page; and, in fact, seems both frustrated and flattered by the comparisons. He elaborates on the differences in playstyles by emphasizing the fact that Orphan isn't a game of "puzzles or abstraction," rather, it's a game designed around action and stealth.

If you'd like to learn more, make sure to drop by the Kickstarter page.

Orphan [Kickstarter]


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