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Kaz Hirai: 'about 100 or more titles' in development for PlayStation VR


'More than 200 developers signed up'

Sony hasn't made a lot of noise about its virtual reality headset at CES this year (especially considering the hubbub surrounding Oculus Rift's pricing). The BBC asked Sony CEO Kaz Hirai about it, and he shared some news that might please those whose main concern is whether the platform will lack compatible games compared to its PC competition.

"We have more than 200 developers signed up for the PlayStation VR program, who are working on probably 100 or more titles that will play on PlayStation VR," Hirai said. Note the careful language; no indication is given for how many titles play exclusively on VR, how many feature optional VR throughout, and how many contain only a VR component in addition to the more traditional content.

CES 2016: Sony says PlayStation VR will have over 100 titles [BBC]

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