Karaoke bar gets a Rune Factory food menu

Ah, Japanese game tie-ins. They’re sometimes so strange that they seem misguided and pointless. Still, they’re fun to talk about.

This one ties together Marvelous Entertainment’s upcoming game Rune Factor 3 and Japanese Karaoke bar chain Pasela. The pitch? A Rune Factory-themed food menu for the bar, says Andria Sang. Really, though, this special Pasela X Rune Factory 3 Collaborate Menu looks pretty good. There’s pasta, pizza, drinks, and a cake, all game themed, but what looks the best (and cutest) is the Mokomoko chocolate mousse, which is designed to look just like the character’s face.

Those that order off the special menu between October 27th and November 26th will receive a promotional clear file featuring art from the game.

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