Just give me three months! Bionic Commando wants to make us happy

Like everybody else, Destructoid was understandably skeptical when it saw a trailer for the new Bionic Commando. It looks so generic and uninspired, like it was just running down a list of modern videogame clichés and adding an oversized metal arm. Well, Bionic Commando‘s producer Ben Judd is far more hopeful than we cynical gamers, and has pledged that we will be happy … he just needs time.

“In three months, I’m almost ninety percent certain that fans will be very, very happy,” Judd pleaded with Kotaku. “Just wait and give me three months..”

As Judd requests that we call off the dogs, one wonders what he has up his sleeve to satisfy the demands of the nostalgic who don’t want to see another old classic trodden on. Chances are, there’s nothing that could placate some people, but I’m open to whatever he’s going to pull out when that three months is up — and rest assured, we WILL be outside his house with pitchforks and torches in exactly three months’ time.

The clock is ticking, Mr. Judd.

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