JosephGate 2008: Paladin held for questioning

Following this morning‘s bone-splintering hard news reports, (brought to you first by FOXTOID,) Joseph Leray’s new overlord, Dan Paladin, has been cuffed and brought to our news bunker for interrogation via satellite. Paladin willfully admitted to the corruption of Mr. Leray, as shown in this direct transcript from an interview conducted by FOXTOID senior analyst, Geraldo Beedog:

FOXTOID: Mr. Paladin, how do you respond to these allegations of witchcraft and the twisting of Joseph Leray’s moral integrity?

Paladin: Toph? Why are you calling me? It’s 7am.

FOXTOID: Geraldo Beedog of FOXTOID news here, Mr. Paladin, please answer the question. The public has a right to know the truth.

Paladin: Seriously, cut it out. Do you have that 8 bucks you owe me? 

The transmission was suddenly lost at this point, most likely because I don’t have the $8 of Paladin’s advanced mind control techniques, and their tendency to interfere with satellite signals. No word yet on the condition or whereabouts of Joseph Leray, but trust in the mighty, news-breaking righteousness of FOXTOID to bring you the latest developments. 

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