JosephGate 2008: Leray comes forward with official statement

We’ve just received a report from FOXTOID senior analyst Geraldo Beedog, who has managed to contact Joseph Leray himself, regarding today’s shocking news of his involvement with videogames. We go now to the transcript of this exchange:

FOXTOID: Mr. Leray, you’ve been accused of a decades-long involvement in the world of videogames. How do you wish to respond to these allegations?

Leray: Toph, I can’t talk right now, I have class. Let me call you back.  

FOXTOID: Dodging the question will not strengthen your credibility in this matter, Mr. Leray. I would suggest you give the American people an honest answer.

Leray: Seriously, I gotta go. Also, you owe me ten bucks.


Once again, our transmission was inexplicably interrupted at this point. It would appear that Leray’s involvement in the dark arts has bestowed upon him mind control powers similar to those seen in the case of Mr. Paladin. FOXTOID will bring you more updates throughout the day. Because JOURNALISM. 

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