Joe Madureira talks Darksiders

Artist Joe Madureira is talking about Darksiders in this brand new promotional video for THQ’s promising looking action game. In an age where we constantly talk about moral choices and complex meaning in videogames, it’s somewhat fun to see a man talk about simply being a badass in a plain “Good vs. Evil” scenario.

What I’m most curious about with Darksiders is seeing how the adventure elements play out. The game has looked like nothing but a straight-up hack n’ slash in which you smash buttons to kill everything, but Zelda has been referenced as an influence and Joe Mad mentions in this video how the game is an adventure title more than anything else. I’ve seen nothing more than violence, which is wonderful, but I’m very intrigued by whatever else is hidden under the hood.

In any case, Darksiders is out in the first week of 2010 and should be a blast!

James Stephanie Sterling