Jetpac Refuelled crash lands on XBLA next Wednesday

Jetpac Refuelled

is a remake of the 1983 arcade game, Jetpac. But, this isn’t just another sloppy port with improved graphics. Instead, Refuelled offers 128 levels (the original Jetpac had only 16), multiplayer, and a whole lot of trippy effects.

  • Includes two versions of the game

    • Retro – The classic 1980s version

    • Refuelled – Rare’s 2007 remake of the classic “Jetpac” comes complete with entirely new hi-def graphics, menacing enemies, new smartbombs that produce an electromagnetic pulse, modernized weapon upgrades and updated gameplay for modern gamers

  • Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points

  • Completely updated graphical look of the game gives Xbox LIVE Arcade gamers a truly hi-def and in-depth gaming experience

Whether you played Jetpac in an arcade or the port in Donkey Kong 64, chances are you at least seen the game before. If not, well … here you go.

If anything were to warrant a download, it would be either the inclusion of multiplayer or the chance to see an interactive acid trip on your TV. Think of it this way, downloading the demo can’t possibly be a bigger waste of time than Novadrome was.

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