Jet pack shenanigans prevail in these Dark Void videos

I’ll admit I was skeptical when Dark Void was first announced. It looked like a very bland, generic “dark & gritty omg” style game. In many ways, it still resembles your typical current-gen shooting game. It’s lacking in bright colors, and we’re seeing the cover system that’s become a staple since Gears of War. However, just because something isn’t totally fresh looking, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, and Dark Void is certainly looking fun. 

We have one video up above, and two more after the jump, where the story and gameplay features are discussed by the developer. You’ll get to see some of the things that set Dark Void apart from the other Gears followers, including “vertical cover,” which is both completely absurd and impressively clever at the same time. 

It’s looking good. Give it to me.

James Stephanie Sterling