Jeanne d’Arc announced for the PSP

How did Sony know I’ve always wanted to roleplay as the premiere female martyr of the French? They’re so sensitive, so thoughtful, always anticipating my needs. I know they said that Blu-Ray was the wave of the future, and I believe them. Really I do. I can always rely on you to make sound decisions, Sony. Backwards compatibility was always just a silly fad, anyway.

Seriously though, the game itself looks kind of neat. It takes the strategic RPG/action angle and  allows you to acquire up to 14 characters and combine their skills with your own for powerful combat strikes. Grrrrlpower, indeed. I’m a big history fan, so this title will probably be yet another vote for me to pick up the PSP. Maybe it won’t just be a paperweight after all.

I can’t help but wonder how deeply they will choose to dig into the real story of Joan of Arc. Will it be worthwhile and engaging, or will it be like going to see a film adaption of your favorite book and grumbling about all the stuff they left out? Only time will tell. If the death screen showed you being burned at the stake while screaming rabble wailed about your evil witchery, that would be some funny sh*t.

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