Jaws of the Lion is coming to Gloomhaven PC as DLC

Jaws of the Lion DLC

Out on May 17

If you’ve played tabletop in any fashion you’ve probably at least heard of Gloomhaven, even if you haven’t plunked down the cash for it. It’s also entirely possible that you’ve played Jaws of the Lion: one of the most accessible tabletop strategy games ever made for multiple reasons. Not only is it roughly $30 on sale constantly (making it one of the cheapest in the genre to date, worldwide); it’s also very easy to learn, and engineered to be less daunting compared to similar games. So it makes sense why we’re getting Jaws of the Lion DLC for the Gloomhaven PC adaptation.

Interestingly, Asmodee Digital estimates that this will add “30 hours of new content,” giving people a straight number as to how long people can expect to play the expansion (the first time around). Then there’s four new characters, which are taken directly from the tabletop edition and pasted into the Jaws of the Lion DLC:

  • Valrath Red Guard (a tanky damage dealer)
  • Inox Hatchet (a ranged character who has to pick their hatchet back up)
  • Human Voidwarden (a buff-based mage that can also manipulate enemies)
  • Quatryl Demolitionist (a melee character that also excels at opening up the environment)

All four characters, based on my experience with Jaws of the Lion proper, are unique additions to the Gloomhaven ecosystem, and are fun to play even if you don’t do anything related to the expansion’s new quests. It should be a good time! It may also get people to take the plunge on the physical edition, which is barely more expensive than the digital version.

The Jaws of the Lion DLC for Gloomhaven is out on May 17, and is currently priced at $17.99, with a limited-time 15% pre-order discount.

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