Japanese developers are jizzing over 3DS

Japanese gaming mag/propaganda pamphlet Famitsu has been gathering opinions from developers on the 3DS, and the opinions are overwhelmingly positive. Such legends as Hideo Kojima, Suda 51, Keiji Inafune and Shinji Mikami have all been grilled, and they’ve all been glowing. 

Kojima praised the 3DS for not requiring 3D glasses, speaking as a man with specs, while the eccentric Suda claims that the 3DS made him feel “the speed of progression of video game history, and also the feeling of ‘We’ve come this far.'” Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya also seems interested in developing for the 3DS, claiming that he believes you could get a “feeling of existence” from a 3D portable. 

Even the notorious miser, Tomonobu Itagaki, had not-unpleasant things to say, stating that he believes 3D will “work” on a portable. Well … that’s about as positive a comment as you’ll ever get from that guy. 

So, Japanese developers are in love with the 3DS. Who’d have thought it?

Japan’s Biggest Producers Comment on 3DS [AndriaSang]

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