Japanese Dementium: The Ward release gets best launch event ever

Generally, I don’t wish I was a Japanese videogame journalist because, well, I don’t speak Japanese. This is the exception — Degenki Online has photos of the Japanese launch party for Renegade Kid’s Dementium: The Ward, and I’m jealous. 

The event took place at Alcatraz E.R. restaurant in Shibuya, which has a — get this — God damned medical prison theme. So while it appears the restaurant was decorated to represent the horrors of Dementium, it needs to be repeated that the restaurant always has a medical prison theme. And it’s a restaurant. Yes, the Japanese are “kooky,” and I’m moving. 

Head over to Degenki Online to check out more pictures of the event, which includes really bored looking Japanese nurses wheeling around bloody patients and a mummy in a cage. Don’t get too hot and bothered.

Nick Chester