Japanese Bayonetta gets patch, HDD install option

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In Japan, PS3 Bayonetta players will see a new menu option tomorrow. This option will let them install Sega and Platinum Games’ latest on their PS3 hard drive, cutting back on access/loading times. Single-speed disc drives will do that to you. Now you don’t have to worry about it.

Any good Xbox 360 fanboy will rubt it in your face that they already had a Bayonetta HDD install option. Face, PS3 boy. Face. [I can’t wait to see how many think I’m serious this time.]

Still on the fence on Bayonetta? Don’t be. The first week word of mouth did it for me. I traded in a bunch of dogsh*t Wii games and got this. [More fanboy action for you.] Don’t trust me or my Twitter feed’s opinion? Check Destructoid’s review of Bayonetta.

PS3 Bayonetta gets HDD Install Option [Eurogamer]

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