Japan gets yet another cool PSP: Gundam!

Sadly, I don’t know a thing about Gundam outside of that fact that Gundam toys are impossibly cool and that I would buy them if I didn’t feel like a huge poseur owning them and never having watched the show. Thankfully, this also saves me from another case of heartbreak over a PSP that will likely sell out before I could ever get my hands on it, the silver Gundam PSP 3000.

This beauty comes in a bundle with Gundam vs Gundam for ¥24,840 ($230 US). I don’t like it as much as some of the other special edition PSPs I’ve lusted over, but I guess it’s not bad. It’s official: owning a red PSP has made me a total snob.

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett