Jameson on the rocks … with a side of Space Invaders?

I’ve seen every kind of novelty ice cube tray from Hello Kitty heads to boobs, but usually they don’t elicit much of a reaction from me — they’re going to melt eventually, after all. These Space Invaders ice cube trays don’t really differ much, but for some reason they jammed all my OHMYGODTHATISCOOL buttons simultaneously. For $10 each, I can’t really think of a classier way to make my next party just that tiny bit nerdier.

You can snag them here through the FRED catalog. They are made of silicone so you can throw them in the oven or the dishwasher with no problems whatsoever. I’ve never been so completely convinced I needed something that serves no real essential function whatsoever!

[Via Oh Gizmo!]

Colette Bennett