James Patterson calls casual games ‘sloppy’

James Patterson thinks his videogames based on the Women’s Murder Club series are a better experience than what is typically offered on the casual market. Develop is reporting that in an Entertainment Weekly interview, Patterson calls out casual developers for their “sloppy” casual design of side missions that have little relevance to the story arc of a game.

I wanted the story to have some dramatic power, something to hold you. [I wanted] the little side missions – which are a staple of casual games – to be a little more organic. In some casual games they can get a little sloppy. At least in WMC the little things – such as the parts where you have to mix the chemicals in the lab – have some relevance to the main story.

Of course, the latest Women’s Murder Club game, being developed by I-play (Gabriel Knight) may still come out despite Patterson’s failed attempt at sustaining an audience on ABC. Hopefully, WMC the videogame won’t get canned like his truly immersive television show.

Brad BradNicholson