It’s official: The 20GB PS3 is no more

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because frankly, we’ve all seen the writing on the wall for some time. But, Sony finally came clean and announced that the 20GB PlayStation 3 is now dead. No more. Finished. Bye bye. From 1UP:

“At launch, we offered two separate models of PLAYSTATION 3 to meet the diverse needs and interests of our PlayStation fan base. Initial retail demand in North America was upwards of ninety percent in favor of the 60GB sku, so we manufactured and shipped-in accordingly. Due to the overwhelming demand for the 60GB model from both retailers and consumers, we have ceased offering the 20GB model here in North America,” said SCEA senior director of corporate communications Dave Karraker.

“In addition to the larger internal hard drive, the 60GB PlayStation 3 features added storage media slots and built-in Wi-Fi not found in the 20GB system. Based on retailer and consumer feedback, we have decided to focus our current efforts on the more popular 60GB model,” he concluded.

Good, now that we’ve got that nasty business out of the way, how about we start getting the good games rollin’ on in, Sony? For instance, my MLB: The Show for the PS3 was delayed until May (according to a plump GameStop employee), so I is a sad panda right now. Luckily, MotorStorm is keeping me warm and cozy at night.

Robert Summa