It’s a Wii with better games! Oh…wait.

I can’t read Engadget Japan, and I don’t care. This page could say this mod was made from my mother’s intestines and I’d likely still be over here making my stupid American noises of glee and bouncing about. But nevermind that! What you see here, my friends, is the Nii, a sweet little combination of the Wii and the SNES. Thanks to DMV‘s mad translation skills, we do know that it was made by a guy named Kotomi, is supposed to be evocative of the Famicom DS and MegaDrive DS, and you can insert the cartridge in the disc slot (this latter bit is for those of you whose eyes were eaten out by sea turtles long, long ago).

This made me all excited and wanting to pull out my SNES again, but even moreso to take my hacksaw to some consoles and create some mutant oddity. What are your favorite mods out there? Should everything be turned into the NES eventually? If the DS could play Final Fantasy 7, would I weep with joy?

[Thanks to Zac for tippage!]

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