Itagaki spouts off about how awesome his new games are, babies cry

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There are a few certainties when it comes to Team Ninja game designer, Tomonobu Itagaki.

  1. 1. He’s always going to be wearing a jacket that’s cooler than yours.
  2. 2. He’s going to hit on your mom.
  3. 3. While there have been a few misses (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 says “Hi.”), Itagaki-san has a pretty solid track record, and his games are generally of high quality.
  4. 4. He’s going to brag about it. A lot.

So no one is surprised when, in a recent interview, he says something like this to Game Informer:

I’d like to show everybody some of the new stuff that we’ve been working on in the near future. The only problem with that is that when the other developers see what we’re doing, they’re going to lose all of their motivation to create any game in the same genre, because there’s no way they can beat it.

Itagaki’s talking about his yet to be revealed titles, Code Chronos and Ninja Gaiden 2. This solves a lot of problems for gamers; with rising prices of software and hardware, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance videogame budgets with things like food, gas, and home. Problem solved — now we only have to buy two games this generation. 

Thanks, Itagaki.

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