Issues found with console versions of MLB 2K8, fixes forthcoming

It seems like people get sick a lot around these times of year — that is, when the seasons change — and videogames are apparently no different. A patch for problems with online play in the PS3 version of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 was discussed earlier by my colleagues Gameboi and Jim Sterling. Now we also have word from 2K Sports on myriad issues with Major League Baseball 2K8.

2K Sports is currently testing a number of patches for the four console versions of MLB 2K8. One of the updates, which will be downloadable by PS3 and 360 users, aims to fix a bug that occurred when trying to promote or demote players in Franchise mode with the San Diego Padres. Another update, which will (curiously) be for the 360 version only, will address the game’s pervasive framerate issues.

In addition, 2K Sports is aware of “certain gameplay issues” with the Wii and PS2 versions of the game. However, they’re working on alternative methods of getting an update to those users, as it can’t be done over the intarwebs. Go figure — the PSP version remains immune to any issues…so far.

I don’t understand why the framerate fix is only being put out for the 360. Those of you who read my review of the game know that the PS3 version is just as susceptible to slowdown, so this certainly seems strange. In any case, I echo Jim’s sentiments that this is not cool. Granted, sports games are a bit of a different animal in that they can’t exactly be delayed past the start of the season, but nonetheless, you’d think that a bit of extra QA testing could’ve caught some of these bugs.

Samit Sarkar