Is Resident Evil 5 shorter than Salazar?

According to UK gaming magazine Xbox World 360, it should take the average gamer less than eight hours to complete Resident Evil 5, a game they reviewed for its latest issue.

Clarifying the info to the angry masses on its blog, they repeat that their first single play-through was seven hours, thirty-six minutes … and one second. There’s even screens to prove it! It also says that the game contains roughly 80 minutes worth of cut-scenes, and that the times shown weren’t achieved by rushing through the game.

It’s also mentioned that “you cannot see all there is to see in Resident Evil 5 in under ten hours,” citing all sorts of extras and unlocks that could keep you playing. But for those who aren’t completionists — simply interested in a one-off experience — this may sound a bit disappointing. When I complete a three chapter preview build of the game in around five hours, so this doesn’t seem like such an outrageous claim. 

I suppose we’ll see when the game hits shelves this March, on Friday the 13th. Is this information on the game’s length troubling? A deal-breaker? 

Nick Chester