Is EA Black Box still making an ‘original’ action game?

EA Black Box has or had an unannounced game in its pipelines at some point in the recent future or past. Go figure. Here’s how we know:

An EA technical animation director has cited work on a Black Box studio “original 3rd-person action” game in his LinkedIn profile — where all these cool bits of info come from. According to the blurb, the game features “one-on-many” battles, fatalities, and even some mild world navigation elements — “vaulting, climbing, jumping and ledge-navigation.”

Sounds like Def Jam. But it could also be a Jurassic Park game for all we know. One on “many” velociraptor action does sound quite tasty right now. Screw cover mechanics.

Technical Animation Director, Electronic Arts [superannuation]

Brad BradNicholson