Is Beyond Good & Evil headed back to store shelves?

According to a mysterious GameStop flyer, it appears that Ubisoft may be re-releasing the original Beyond Good & Evil for the very low preorder price of $9.99. While it seems this move would be to promote the upcoming, highly anticipated sequel (OMG BEST SEQUEL EVER!), the timing seems odd. Re-releasing the game this month when the sequel is so far away? It seems strange.

Regardless, if this is true, I beg of you: If you have not played Beyond Good & Evil, please go buy it. I can guarantee you will absolutely adore it. In fact, I will send you a check for ten bucks if you don’t like it. Seriously. I am that confident. And then when the game sells ridiculously well I can take full credit for its success. I AM THE REASON BEYOND GOOD & EVIL PAYS YOUR BILLS! BOW TO ME, UBISOFT!

Wow. Sorry about that.

What do you think? Even though it’s for the aging PlayStation 2, would you be willing to give Beyond Good & Evil a late-to-the-party try? Would you rather see a re-release on a downloadable service like XBLA and PSN? Also, PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME!

[Via N4G — thanks, Brian!]

Chad Concelmo