Introducing Monthly Musings, the monthly Destructoid article theme


In Destructoid’s neverending quest to inspire thoughtful discussion and debate (when we aren’t posting pictures of women with SNES controllers over their nipples, of course), I’m proud to present the first in what will hopefully a new monthly feature program: the Destructoid Monthly Theme.

But this is no average article series where the readers have no real input outside of leaving alternately angry and supportive comments — no, dear readers, this is a call to arms. This is an opportunity for you to be on the front page of Dtoid, and, even better, prove to everyone what a smart person you are.

It works like this: I propose a theme for the month and Dtoid’s editors will write their own takes on that theme. While they do that, any reader can post a community blog also tackling that theme. Whichever cblogs contain the most interesting take on the theme, or consist of the most informed and intelligent debate, will be promoted to Dtoid’s front page.

So, what does this mean for you, the reader? It means that it’s now easier than ever to get on the Destructoid front page. All you’ve gotta do is discuss a topic with some degree of insightfulness, and, should some interesting discussion arise out if it, then BAM — you’re on the front page.

Tomorrow, I will unveil this month’s theme. After that, both Destructoid editors and cbloggers are free to join in on the discussion (of which there will hopefully be a lot). 

Any questions? Comments? Ideas? Lemme know. 

Anthony Burch