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Hello all, this is craineum. It’s been a little while since I have been active on Dtoid, but that is because I have been working my butt off on this project. Long long ago (about two months ago), Digtastik was talking with Colette about the possibility of having a Dtoid Community Merchandise store. At the same time, I had been thinking about starting an Etsy store for a similar purpose. Out of these idea’s was born Destructoid Artisans.

Destructoid Artisans will live in two places, this account on Destructoid and a group of artists on Etsy. The Destructoid account is where we will make announcements for new items that may be of interest to the community. Everyone who is a member of Destructoid Artisans will have access to this account so you will have one place to stay on top of the cool products people are producing. Each artist will have their own store on Etsy, but we will be using a common tag on our products so you can easily find them.

Click Here for Destructoid Artisans Products on Etsy

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Looking for more Destructoid Artisans:

It would be really cool to get a nice size artist community together producing some kick ass items. If you are an artist and would like to join us, please contact me so we can work it out.

Founding Destructoid Artisans:

Here is some information from each of the founding members, some that you have seen before, some that are new.


“Long ago, in an ancient and divided land, a great sorcerer was called upon to bring joy and unity to the nation. He was Pendelton21, known throughout the land as the one true plastimancer, the true wielder of all things plastic. Known for his proficiency for tiny plastic beads, Pendelton21 was asked to create works of art that would cause enemies to unite as friends, kings to bow to one another, and people around the nation to become content. So, the great plastimancer got to work, creating ontold beauty out of the lava from Mt. Vargauna, “sacred perler beads” from the Michaels down the street, and a rather reliable video game sprite database. Those works of orgasmic pulchritude, lost to the sands of time, have now been recovered, and are available for sale at good sir Pendelton’s Etsy store (with shipping included). So, come all ye seeking the true beauty of the old land, and obtain the true works of plastimancer Pendelton21 (or, just go buy them because Pendelton is poor as shit and needs cash)!”

Craineum (aka BabaGEEK)

“I have been a father for three years and a geek my whole life. My geekiness is being passed to my kids without any thought or effort from me. I have been creating items and activities for my kids since they were born. I started to think that maybe others might want some of these things for raising their own kids, thus was born BabaGEEK. BabaGEEK Creations will be bringing you items for you and your growing geek family. Whether its a t-shirt that express’s your inner geek, or a baby mobile that will get your young ‘uns heading in the right direction early, or custom costumes for your families favorite cosplay events, BabaGEEK has the goods you desire.”

Rio McCarthy
“My name is Rio and I’ve been crafting for as long as I could hold a pencil, which coincidentally is about as long as I’ve been playing video games as well. I like to do almost any and all crafts, especially drawing, sewing and painting. I’m most well known for making character hats, but that’s not all you’ll find in my store, so be sure to check back for future surprises. I’m all about the cute, so you never know what you might find in store for you at Rio’s Renditions!

“Adam Welker is Welkstar’s handsome, mild-mannered alter-ego. Best known ’round these parts for his work on the RetroforceGO! t-shirt and arcade cab, he is an art school monkey with aspirations of one day becoming a famous cartoonist/animator/designer/pimp. But for now, he’ll just settle for being decent at playing videogames (he’s kind of lazy like that).  Adam specializes in pixel-perfect-paintings, custom character commissions, super sweet shirts, and all things retro. Join him in the games-as-art (or was that “art-as-games”?) crusade! Visit his Etsy store, “Welkstar’s Wares,” he’ll create a special work of art that will look perfect in your game room, living room, rec room, bathroom, or creepy-ass dungeon lair. BADICAL!”


epicWorks Creations started out in a small kitchen with big ambition. Originally known as epic SugarWorks, it consisted of a couple of friends who liked to bake cakes for friend’s birthdays. Gradually, as epic SugarWorks incorporated unique handmade lollipops with videogame and anime themes, we began selling our ‘edible art’ at anime and videogame conventions. Now we have incorporated charms and jewelry into the mix, giving birth to epic CharmWorks, and bridging the two through epicWorks Creations!”


Maker of all things cool … no store. Hey Mikey, get your ass in gear!

For those that don’t like to read (like me):

Destructoid Artisans on Destructoid
Rio McCarthy

Destructoid Artisans on Etsy
Pendelton21’s store
Craineum’s store
Rio McCarthy’s store
Welkstar’s store
Taticakes’ store

Contact Craineum if you want to become a Destructoid Artisan.

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