Into The Pixel: more evidence for games as art

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Art being subjective and all, it’s easy enough to say something is art when it’s really just a pile of festering dog crap you passed on your way to buy beer. Add games into the formula, and you get an even bigger argument brewing: Can video games be considered art?

Into the Pixel is a project celebrating the art of the video game, following in the tradition of such fine projects as I am 8 Bit, but going with a modern vibe rather than retro. The full exhibit will be shown to the public at E for All, however,  you still have until May 4th to enter your own work into the show. This is their fourth annual year and the entries have been nothing short of stunning. Check out the gallery to see some of the 2006 entries.

If you want to cast your vote for games as art, this is an excellent way to do so. If you’d rather take the Kokomo route, you can paint your body with chocobo and streak down the street screaming. Not quite as classy as a painting, but art is what you make it, or some other such proverbial bullsh*t.


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