Interview with 8-year old Guitar Hero prodigy throws me deeper into depression

Dave over at ichabod13 had a chance to chat with 8-year old Ben Eberle, better known to most as “that kid who is way better at Guitar Hero than you are.” Destructoid readers should be familiar with Ben, as we’ve been awed by His Little Majesty’s greatness not once, but twice.
In the interview, Ben is joined by his father, whose name is apparently “Ben’s Father.” The little shredder spouts such Guitar Hero tips as “Concentrate and have fun,” and in a shocking twist, reveals his secret technique:

“I don’t use specific fingers to hit the frets. I just let my fingers work together to finish the song.”

Oh! Well that puts everything into perspective; completing Buckethead’s “Jordan” on Expert should be breeze now that I know I have to let my fingers work together. Silly me!

Ben, I joke because you scare me. Please come over to my house and help me unlock some of these achievements. 

Nick Chester