Interplay gets more money for MMO, ‘Project: V13’

Today, Interplay announced that funding for the Fallout MMO ‘Project: V13’ has been secured thanks to a partnership with Masthead Studios. ‘Project V13’ sounds catchy, but its only a code name for an MMO that the company has had in development since 2007.

Rumor has it that ‘Project V13’ is a Fallout MMO. When Interplay sold Fallout to Bethesda, they kept the rights to create an MMO based on the property. Our tipster, community member dyslixec, points out that the ‘V13’ part of the name could refer to the infamous Vault 13 – the place where the journey begins — in the original Fallout.

Subtle hint? Probably. No word on release, of course, but at least we know progress is still being made.

[Thanks, dyslixec!]

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