Instant Goosebumps: Final Fantasy IV site is live

Before you do anything else, turn your speakers up and click this link to the newly launched North American site for Final Fantasy IV.

Wow, right? Did you not just get instant geek goosebumps? What a great looking and sounding Web page! If this did nothing for you, you either have (a) no soul, or (b) hate RPGs.

We were already pretty excited about the DS remake of the Final Fantasy classic, and we’ve also been keeping an eye on the amazing music for this game. But this site’s epic music and beautiful art kicked my ass! 

Unfortunately, the site has nothing else to offer but its pretty picture and song. But we have you covered with new screenshots from the game in the gallery below. These screens come courtesy of the summer launch confirmation for Europe, putting them in the same boat as us with our July 22nd release date.

How excited are you for this title? 

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, the Japanese site is also impressive. 

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