Inscryption hits PlayStation near the end of August

Inscryption Kaycee's Mod

Dealt a winning hand

Inscryption was one of the more bizarre and compelling games to come out of last year. And next month, Daniel Mullins Games’ creepy deckbuilder will hit consoles.

Publisher Devolver Digital confirms today that Inscryption arrives for PlayStation on August 30, 2022. The store listing is up now for the PS5 version, and Devolver has said it’s also coming to PS4.

As for what’s coming for the PlayStation version? Well, it wouldn’t be Inscryption if things didn’t get weird. And some of the new features that PlayStation players will get sound downright unnerving.

Cabin in the woods

When it was highlighted in a recent indie roundup for PlayStation, Daniel Mullins teased that Inscryption would use some of the PlayStation’s haptics in particular.

“But what about those exclusive features I mentioned earlier? Well, for starters your faithful companion, a talking Stoat card, will play its audio out of your controller as if it’s really in your hands! Secondly, the atmospheric lighting in the game will spill out from your controller, so if you’re playing in the dark you’ll be one step closer to feeling like you’re inside Leshy’s cabin. If we’re adding sound and lighting to the PlayStation experience then it only makes sense to ensure that Haptic feedback enhances every grisly action… why not use the pliers and find out?”

As for how the game will handle some of the more computer-y parts of Inscryption, I’m interested to see. Games like Doki Doki Literature Club have found some clever workarounds for that in the past, and Inscryption uses some elements that will be curious to see adapted to a PlayStation.

Given the track record though, I think it’s safe to say the crew at Daniel Mullins Games to find a way to make it work, though. PlayStation players will get to build their decks and duel for survival on August 30.

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