Infinity Ward vaguely teases Modern Warfare 2 surprises

As with any good game that, y’know, has an interesting storyline, there’s always something we don’t find out about until we play the full game for ourselves. Whether that is a plot twist, an epic set piece, or a new form of gameplay, it doesn’t matter. The marketing department can’t give away all of the juicy details.

Modern Warfare 2 is no exception, but that’s not going to stop Infinity Ward from trying to get us even more hyped for November (if that’s possible). Talking to VideoGamer, community manager Robert Bowling says “there’s so much this time around that we’re holding back, mostly story stuff.”

“I feel like we’ve only talked about 20 percent of the game so far. There are some huge surprises,” he explains. “There is something we haven’t talked about … once you see it you completely forget everything we’ve already talked about. It becomes this whole new game.”

“Some stuff we will never talk about till launch,” he continues, “and that’s just because we want that … it’s emotional stuff that we want to have that emotional response when you play, not read it in a magazine and then you’re like, oh yeah I know about that.”

It’s almost best not to think about Modern Warfare 2 until you are physically putting the disc in your system. That way, you can go about living your life normally and don’t inadvertently build it up to be this experience that no game can fulfill. Yes, I know stories like this aren’t helping. Forgive me!

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