Infinity Ward: Stimulus Pack DLC is worth the money

Infinity Ward continued its commitment to angering its fans when it announced that the “Stimulus Pack” DLC for Modern Warfare 2 would cost a nasty $15. While you can buy a full game for what IW is charging for a few multiplayer maps, community manager Robert Bowling adamantly declares that it’s worth the price. 

“I have no doubt that anyone who downloads this map pack is going to get their money’s worth,” he says with a straight face. “They’re going to feel their investment is worthwhile. Because if you’re playing Modern Warfare 2 like myself or many other people do every night, that’s actually going to give you a bunch of new mileage and a bunch of extra gameplay — to really explore and discover them and to really, you know, come up with new tactics and experience them in a whole new way.

“Regardless of what the price is you’re going to feel your money’s well-spent.”

You better learn to like it, too. Bowling also confirmed that more DLC would be coming. Let’s face it, enough suckers are going to buy this and justify the cost, so there’s no reason for Infinity Ward to stop. It’s a shame, too. DLC used to be such a good idea before all the grasping and abuse kicked in. 

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