Infinite combo found in Street Fighter IV, Championship patch may fix it

I’ve had an amazing time with Street Fighter IV, but the penis-less wonder, the silvery Seth, has tarnished my Arcade experience. His Ultra Combo breaking grapples and knack to deflate my meager offense with his Hyakuretsukyaku drives me batty. I burn with the desire to defeat him soundly, without trouble. It appears that I finally have the chance. EventHub posted the above video, displaying an infinite, indestructible Fei Long combo.

Don’t worry about seeing it reproduced online much — it only works against Seth and Abel.

About a week ago, I spoke to Capcom’s PR manager Tim Ng about the possibilities of a Championship Edition of the game based off other rumored infinite chains. He told me, “We’re always looking into the possibilities with the Championship Expansion Pack on the horizons. But we can’t confirm anything at the moment yet.”

The update he referred to will add a Championship Mode to the base game, allowing players to face off in tiered conflict online. It’s unknown when it will hit, and obviously Capcom is still open to all that the download will encompass.

Brad BradNicholson