inFamous can be conquered in roughly 25 hours

The other open-world action game starring a genetic freak, inFamous, will take (roughly) twenty to twenty-five hours to completely finish. As in, do everything that there is to do in the game.

Sucker Punch’s own Chris Zimmerman dropped this time nugget during a PlayStation.Blog fan Q&A session. “Well it depends on how you decide to play it; if you play just straight through as fast as you can, maybe 15 hours,” he said.

“But in addition to the 35 story missions in the game we have 100 side-missions, [and] we have a whole bunch of collectibles you can pick up. If you do that stuff, somewhere in the 20s – 25 hours, maybe.”

Bang for your buck. It’s what we all consider before a game purchase. Is 20-25 hours of action, sidequests, and collectible collecting enough for you guys? Or do you want more?

[via Eurogamer]

Brad BradNicholson