Indie developers tasked with creating Serious Sam titles

What would it be like if Vlambeer, the team behind Super Crate Box, made a Serious Sam game? Easy way to find out would be to play Vlambeers Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, a classic turn-based role-playing game designed by the tiny Dutch studio.

The game is one the three titles being designed as part of the “Serious Sam Indie Series” that Croteam announced today. Weapon of Choice developer Mommy’s Best Games will be developing Serious Sam: Double D, a side-scrolling shooter featuring hand drawn artwork that will appear on PC and consoles.

Be-Rad, developer of Lame Castle, is creating Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! for mobile phones, and asks “Do you got the balls?”

The three games will be released leading up to the launch of Serious Sam: BFE; Double D and Kamikaze Attack! will be playable at PAX East, so check them out if you’re in the area.

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