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Fire Emblem Warriors"Wonder twin powers, activate"


Overgrowth"A long time coming, but you may want to wait longer"


The Jackbox Party Pack 4"Fourth time, less charm"


ELEX"ELEX Gon' Give It To Ya"


WWE 2K18 "Botchamania"


Hob"Hobbling out of the gate"


The Evil Within 2"Stalking shadows"


Echo"No dolphins in sight..."


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Far East of Eden Zero has been


My daughter tore it up on the soccer field Scored 2 So proud of Also, no injuries, so no need for the magic cold


Oh hi look some tools


Its a start, I really hope alot more BC xbox titles get on with little hassle but thats me come on mechassault!


And here she is, resting after a long day of work/play

Inquisitive Ravencaw

I thought this was worth sharing


I just woke and realized its really late in the day and I have shit to I then thought of something, asking my wife what day it She tells me its Saturday and I realized there is still one more day left in the weekend!


on the final case of danganronpa anddd, now im binging samus returns went from a few metroid defeated to 15 left and most abilities Big 2d metroid fan but didnt think id care for it til


Update for those The good news: Baby is making massive progress with her social and development The last 4 months have been incredibly Bad news: the financial toll means I may lose my But home is where my kid are


Really happy that Inazuma Eleven Ares is going to be Switch/PS4! Now, do I dare dream that this mysterious Shin Megami Tensei HD project is also going to be Probably not, Atlus will probably crush my dreams, but



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