CES 2007: We got SARS

As seen on NextLust:At first I thought it was just me and my late night, non-sleeping, hard-partying ways, but today as people started asking me if I was sick, I am now under the belief that someone at CES tried to kill me with their SARS o...


CES 2007: Quick rundown of some of the games at CES

Instead of getting into long-winded detail about the upcoming games showcased on the show floor of CES (which mostly included 360 and Games for Windows titles anyway), I thought I'd give you my quick impressions of each title I was able...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: Falcon 3D mouse: hands-on  

CES 2007: Robot about town

Sure we saw some cool stuff and sure we got little-to-no sleep, but that doesn't keep a robot down. Check out some of our most candid moments as we walked the streets of Vegas. For the photo below, that's Ron and I at the Sony Onl...


CES 2007: Living the dream!

Think EA treats its employees unfairly? Think gold farmers in far off lands have it bad? Check out what the crew of Destructoid was subjected to over in Las Vegas during CES. Unfortunately, we were unable to photograph the electric shock ma...


CES 2007: Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising preview

By Zeus' beard, it's a Roman MMO! Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is the debut game from Perpetual Entertainment, set in 300 B.C. Italy. Distributed by SOE, the game draws heavily from mythology and history to create a world that strived...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: Robots attack Las Vegas!  
 (Muted)   CES 2007: Rafik "LoSt CaUzE" Bryant kicked my ass  
 (Muted)   CES 2007: Games on Windows Vista Live  

CES 2007: Overheard on the show floor

As you walk the CES show floor you hear many things, but certain talked-about items are more ear-perking than others. Such was the case today as I was playing some Halo 2 for Games for Windows. Here's a rough estimate of what I heard fr...


CES 2007: Sneak peak at three upcoming XBLA games

I predict that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night will be the most popular Xbox Live Arcade game to date when it launches (supposedly Q1 of this year). In case you hadn't heard, it is a port of the PlayStation version and retains all of...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: Three new ways to revive Sixaxis  
 (Muted)   CES 2007: Hands on with PS3 Network's six Midway arcade classics  

CES 2007: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes preview (update 2)

Sony Online Entertainment invited the Destructoid crew to their exclusive MGM suite, so with the helmet on our head, we showed up in style. A few minutes later I had a beer in one hand and a pen in the other as I sat down with Paul Luna fr...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: Sony & Nyko vs. Destructoid  
 (Muted)   CES 2007: Win our Windows Vista swag  
 (Muted)   CES 2007: Meet your maker, Dtoid Niero  

CES 2007: The Games for Windows Experience Index

Not only is Microsoft using Games for Windows to help brand and standardize PC gaming, but they'll also have a system that will analyze your system specs and give you a score accordingly. Yesterday, we got a first hand look of the lates...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: Meet team Destructoid  

CES 2007: Our Crysis gameplay

Vegas baby! DMV, CTZ, Pedro, and I went off on our own for a while and constantly pointed in four different directions at once for Puppet to film. Despite our starvng stomachs, spirits were as high, and we set out to find some games to play...


CES 2007: Upcoming Windows games aim to impress

Microsoft recently unveiled their Games for Windows lineup at CES and I honestly can't believe how great the list is. Who knew other genres besides first-person shooter actually existed?If you happen to be at work and you can't vie...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: Xbox Live's Major Nelson  

CES 2007: First video footage of Castlevania: SOTN for XBLA

Microsoft has been showing off all of their new Xbox Live Arcade games at CES 2007 and boy do they look good. Of these upcoming titles, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, is looking to be one of the more anticipated.Any fan of the Castlev...

 (Muted)   CES 2007: What it's like outside the pit  

CES 2007: NextLust in full swing. Jealous much?

Need your CES fix? Well, while you wait for more gaming stuff to hit here at Destructoid, feel free to mozy on down to NextLust to see what we got going on. We're just now catching up on a few things, so you may be overjoyed to see wha...


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