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Final Fight: Double Impact PSN protected by DRM

There's a reason you can't play the PSN version of Final Fight: Double Impact without an active Internet connection. It's protected by DRM.Confused owners of the HD remake have been reporting that it is impossible to play the game without a...


Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment see delays

Feel free to cancel those June poop-socking plans, Nintendo fans. The publisher has announced that two key June releases have been pushed back. The Treasure-developed rail shooter Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is now slated for relea...


New StarCraft 2 content patch adds Galaxy Map Editor

The much-anticipated StarCraft 2 "April Content Patch" is now available for those currently getting rocked by superior life forms in the game's beta. As expected, the patch ushers in the Galaxy Map Editor, but it also brings about a new map...


Message on a wall: Frank West's words spotted in L4D2 DLC

Ordered Sam & Max during its first week? Enjoy some Sam & Max themed content in Valve's Team Fortress 2. Buy Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing" DLC? Enjoy a message from Dead Rising's lead zombie smasher Frank West -- free of charge.It w...


Microsoft clears the free release of Mechwarrior 4

Microsoft Legal has given the "OK" for MekTek Studios to release a free version of Mechwarrior 4. In a recent announcement, the studio said the permission to launch couldn't have "come at a better time" considering the Mechwarrior "communit...


Final Fantasy XIII items and clothing hit PS Home

The Final Fantasy XIII Home items that our bros across the ocean have had forever are available in the US version of the digital social space. For a price, now even your lowly Avatar-person-thing can dress up like Lightning, Sazh, or Vanill...


Rumor: Game Room developer Krome hit with layoffs

Xbox LIVE Game Room developer Krome might have experienced yet another round of lay-offs. IGN's recent report on the matter states that, allegedly, around 30 people were handed pink slips "overnight." AusGamers is hearing something else: th...


MAG 'Fast Attack Gear Pack' announced, hits next week

A new weapon and a fresh change of armor are coming to each of MAG's factions. In a recent post on the official PS blog, Zipper Interactive unveiled the "Fast Attack Gear Pack," a free DLC add-on that adds one sparkling "special edition" sn...


SEGA West reorganizes, lays off staff

Big changes came to SEGA this morning as the company moved forward with a restructuring plan. As of now SEGA's San Francisco HQ has become the operating headquarters of SEGA's digital division, a deliverer of everything digital for SEGA Wes...


SpellBound announces Project 'Ravensdale'

Kehl-based developer Spellbound Entertainment announced its new title earlier this afternoon, a steam-punk action game called Project "Ravensdale." A departure from the studio's previous title, Giana Sisters DS, "Ravensdale" is said to have...


Halo 3 Games on Demand loading slowly? It's not just you

Fanatical Halo 3 owners have known for some time that dropping the game on the Xbox 360's HDD was a bad idea. For whatever technical reason, playing the game from the HDD causes longer load times -- a bad thing for a Chief on the move.Micro...


Final Fight: Double Impact PSN requires Internet to play

Owners of the PSN version of Capcom's latest HD remake(s), Final Fight: Double Impact, are finding one feature of the game particularly undesirable: it requires an online connection. Users across various message boards are reporting that it...


Geico gives Albert Wesker's pipes the boot

The man behind Resident Evil's Albert Wesker lost his speaking gig for Geico Insurance, according to the Washington Post. Weeks ago Lance Baxter, or "D.C. Douglas," dropped a lovely message with American activist organization "FreedomWorks,...


Deus Ex and that other game on sale now via Steam

We didn't want to start this post with another "if," so we didn't. But if you've ever entertained the idea of re-purchasing the original Deus Ex and that other game in the series, now seems like a great time do so. The Steam sales gurus hav...


Batman: Arkham Asylum follow-up to feature Two-Face?

Zipped lips don't reveal secrets, or much at all for that matter (because of the whole "zipped" thing), so we haven't had much to report on the Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel front. But it appears as if the smallest of details did escape duri...


Tony Hawk's next game game is probably subtitled Shred

For whatever reason, Tony Hawk is allowing his name to be attached to another game in a post- world. In a post-Tony Hawk: Ride world. In a tweet this evening, Tony Hawk went all wild and skater-like and revealed the name of what we'll assum...


FarmVille to hit all sorts of mobile platofrms

We've heard rumblings that Zynga Games' FarmVille was headed to the iPad, but we didn't hear that the studio wanted to drop the ginormous Facebook social game on other mobile devices -- until this afternoon. Domain registrations exposed by ...


The next iPhone discovered?

A new model of iPhone was found in the wild. Literally. Some poor soul left the next and soon to be media-drenched Apple handheld in a bar in Redwood, CA. It soon found its way into the hands of tech site Gizmodo, who have taken tons of ima...


Trine now 75% off on Steam; new level DLC available

The PC version of Trine is on sale this week on Steam. Starting this afternoon and extending until April 26th, you can purchase the title at 75 percent off the regular price. For those of you who didn't spend 2009 under a rock, apparently a...


Rockstar to put difficulty levels in Red Dead Redemption

News flash: Red Dead Redemption will have difficulty levels. Some, according to developer Rockstar Games, will be easier than others. Some will be harder than the easier ones. One would assume that a "medium" difficulty sits in the middle,...


Telltale asks, 'What is the Mystery of Scoggins?'

The third season of Sam & Max isn't the only thing up Telltale Games' sleeves, apparently. The adventure game developer's official website has a new link to an odd flash-animated page that we'll assume for now is a game teaser. The page...


EA MMA's big and bruised men go at it in these shots

We tried and tried to glean some important and meaningful details from the most recent batch of EA's mixed-martial arts game screenshots. But we can't. And why is that, you ask? Because look at those feet! Digital dude is rocking skin wrink...


PS Store releases to hit on Tuesdays starting in May

The PS Store is moving one step ahead of Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade updates by moving two days back. According to the most recent episode of PSN's PULSE video program, the Store's updates will be moved from the Thursday to a more aggressi...


Left 4 Dead 2's 'The Passing' DLC slated to hit next week

The wait for the first DLC installment for Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 is almost over. In a recent post on the official L4D blog, the studio revealed that "The Passing" will hit next week. More information straight from Valve is slated to arrive ...


New Zeno Clash XBLA mode and weapon announced

Smashing creatures into pulp isn't a new concept for Zeno Clash, but "Zeno Rush" mode certainly is. This afternoon Atlus USA announced that a new mode, dubbed "Zeno Rush," is hitting within its Xbox LIVE Arcade release of first-person brawl...


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