Launch Event: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

[video]112590:790[/video]It's not that often I find myself anticipating a game so much as to go to a midnight launch. Unless Steam lets me preload the game and unlock it right at midnight, chances are, I can hold off until the next day. How...


Destructoid Event: Drift Day edition

[video]88576:27[/video]I'm often reminded just how amazing it is to work for a site such as Destructoid, and this video is hardcore proof that every day my expectations are surpassed. Codemasters decided to fly Dyson and me down to the Toyo...


Destructoid interview: Battlefield: Bad Company edition

Not too long ago, our resident shark -- also known as CTZ -- brought you impressions of his hands-on experience with Battlefield: Bad Company. Not only did we get to play the game, we also got the opportunity to speak with Jamie Keen, pro...


GDC 08: Peter Molyneux, private meeting edition

At GDC, we often get the chance to attend private meetings with developers to talk about their upcoming releases. This gives us a chance to hear about all the game related information on a professional level, before we throw it out into a ...


Living the dream: EA community event for Burnout Paradise

We at Destructoid often get the opportunity to attend community days held by developers. Events such as this give us the chance to explore games along side the people who made them. This time we had a chance to sit down next to Craig Sull...


Destructoid interview: Burnout Paradise edition

   After spending a long day at Electronic Arts, Ron Workman got a chance to sit down with Product Manager Derek Andersen. Once the in-depth discussion about the ethics of pushing innocent vehicles into your opponents to gain the ...


Destructoid interview: Mark Rein edition

While attending the Unreal Tournament III launch event in San Francisco, Destructoid talked to Epic Games VP Mark Rein about the upcoming PC and PS3 releases of the title. We made sure to get the full details on the launch date of the recen...


E For All: Video wrapup

Although the conference is over, many of us still wake up in the middle of the night, fearing yet another day on the show floor of E for All awaits us. In an effort to get closure and put an end to these nightmares, I have put together an o...


Destructoid Interview: Skate Assistant Producer Chris Parry

At the recent EA showcase Destructoid got the opportunity to talk with Chris Parry, Assistant Producer for the upcoming title Skate, and get an insider's look on not only what's in the game, but what helped to make it happen. Sinc...


Rock Band hands-on part deux: the video

As some of you may already know, .tiff and I recently made our way to EA Games in Redwood Shores, CA to get hands on with the new rival to Guitar Hero, Rock Band. However, we didn't want the G rated version of this event, we had to have the...


E3 2007: E3 Up in Smoke take two

With a dramatic change nothing short of brilliant, comes a great deal of withdrawl. After the loss of yesteryear's E3, Gamecock brought it upon themselves to not only mourn the show we once knew and loved, but welcome its newly-born st...


E3 2007: A short sampler of Destructoid's interviews

 Destructoid is proud to present a short sampler of our future interviews to come. With our very own .tiff behind the microphone, we got the opportunity to interview several people at the E3 hangar. Due to the fact that a montage of ev...


E3 2007: Day one video recap

After taking several hours out of my busy schedule, I am now proud to introduce the official Destructoid day one review of this year's E3 Media and Business Summit. Be sure to look out for all the gameplay, opinions, and celebrity dumpster...


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